SOLD – Vintage Large Korean Bandaji Chest

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Vintage Korean Bandaji chest, or blanket chest. Bandaji chest means half closing, it derives from the large hinged door in the front of chest. There is ample storage space in the bottom and one long shelf. Near the top, inside the chest are nine small drawers, a row of five along the top and four more below and set in a little more. The chest is heavy, but not too awkward to move with the large handles on the sides. It is deep and the door just flips down in front, leaving the top free to display decor. The front is heavily embellished with metal decorations and handles. The cabinet is constructed with finger joinery on the corners and the drawers on the inside are built with wooden nails.

49" wide, 26" deep, 45.5" high, add another inch in all dimensions to include the hardware.

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