SOLD – Asian 6 Panel Screen / Room Divider

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Asian six panel folding screen or room divider with six different paintings and Chinese characters and stamps. Each panel has a nature scene, mostly with mountains, trees, water and people on boats. They are nicely done and appear to be on paper with silk borders. Most of the paintings are neutral gray, green and brown on a cream background. The backs on the panels are green on the interior sections and blue on the outside sections. The screen has a thin, dark wood frame and what appears to be hand made paper on the back side. There is also yellow silk trim around each section. This could act as either a tabletop or floor screen. It can also be used flat as wall art. We don't know if this was imported from China or Japan. Very good vintage condition with very minor cosmetic flaws including several small marks on the front that are not very noticeable. In the back is a chip in the wood border, not seen from the front. There are also a couple of tears in the paper on the back, not the front, and some minor dings on the frame.

The outside panels are 17.75" wide and the inside panels are 17.25" wide, the are all .375" deep and 54.5" high. The overall width depends on how much of an angle each panel stands. Up to 104.5" wide flat. When it is folded up for storage or transport it is 17.75" wide, 4" deep, 54.5" high.

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