Elan Vital Original Painting – $2995

Élan Vital original painting, signed on one edge and on the back. #2254. The main color is gold, with swirls of black, blue, red, purple, and green. The canvas is wrapped around a wood frame. The price for this size is $6000 new.

18" wide, 2.25" deep, 45" high. (Or 45" wide, 2.25" deep, 18" high)

Excerpts from the impressive bio of Elan Vital:

Élan began his signature work - combining aerospace enamel with exotic pigments and finely ground minerals. His inspiration for these meta-realistic paintings comes from the beauty of gemstones, his colorful surroundings, and life itself. Élan's masterpieces, with 30-75 layers of extraordinary color, explode with depth and movement! Like fine studio art-glass and gemstones, light travels through each individual layer of color; this is what makes Élan's work so incredibly luminous!
Each and every painting can be hung in any direction because all Élan's works are in perfect balance and harmony in any position.
The aerospace enamel, which Élan uses as his medium, is incredibly durable so his paintings will last for at least a millennium-they do not need to be hidden from the sun or cold. One only needs to polish his/her Élan Vital original painting regularly-like one might polish a gemstone. This will keep the painting in pristine condition for vivid and bright viewing

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