Founders Vintage Room Divider / Wall Unit – $2195

Vintage freestanding walnut, metal and cane wall unit or room divider by Founders Furniture circa 1970s. It has two bays with 6 chrome steel (or aluminum) uprights. There are four shelves, two drawers and two cabinets with cane or rush fronts. The cabinets and drawers have matching shiny metal pulls. All of the pieces are height adjustable so you can arrange them however you like. It is finished on the back, allowing it to be used as a room divider floating in a room if so desired. Adjustable little feet make it easy to make it level, even on uneven floors. Very good vintage condition with scratches and scuffs on the uprights and some wear to the walnut, including light scratches and marks. There are a few small breaks to the cane but overall, it's in great shape. It is missing the shelves inside the cabinets.

64.5" wide, 15.75" deep, 16.5" deep including the metal pulls, 82.5" high.

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