G-Plan Fresco Teak Two-Piece Corner Cabinet – $995

G-Plan Fresco teak two-piece corner cabinet with a concave curve to both pieces. This charming set sits in a corner and provides ample display space as well as some enclosed storage space. The bottom unit has a cabinet door with the signature sculpted teak handle of the Fresco line, and it rests on a plinth base. The upper piece has three shelves, the lowest of which is height adjustable. Very good vintage condition with minor wear for age and use. There is a small hole drilled in the bottom back of the upper piece for wires. The inside of the cabinet has some scratches and marks, while the outside looks great.

It measures 29.75" from the back corner on each side where it sits against the wall. The finished part sits out from the wall 18" on the base and 11" on the top part. Measured from corner to corner it is 42" wide. It is 78.25" high; the base is 21.25" high, and the top is 57" high.


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