Greg Copeland Mixed Media Shadowbox Sculpture – $750

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1984 Greg Copeland paper sculpture on canvas displayed in a custom Lucite box frame. It features thick loops of paper in a woven pattern. The primary color is a salmon or deep orange with rich metallic, sparkly hues formed into loops. Interwoven are small pieces painted green and lavender. The paper is not painted uniformly, but rather lighter and darker in places, which adds to the interest. The background is a neutral color canvas. The Lucite shadowbox has a metal frame at the back. Hand signed and dated in lower right corner. Retains Greg Copeland art tag on the back. Wired and ready to hang.

29.75" wide, 3.75" deep, 29.75" high.

Artist Greg Copeland was born in New Jersey and opened his first artist studio in the 1960's . Greg had many other artists working under his studio label and apparently one of those artist was Milo Baughman himself. Greg Copeland is largely known for his three dimensional intricate framed artworks and screen printed abstract mirror pieces.

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