SOLD – Hutschenreuther, Sun Child by Karl Tutter

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A porcelain Art Deco figurine, Sonnenkind (Sun Child), well modeled and sympathetically decorated in mat colors, of a naked girl balancing on one foot atop a golden orb (representing the Sun) with arms outstretched and head flung back. This figurine was designed by Karl Tutter for Hutschenreuther circa 1930.

Karl Tutter's Art Deco designs are reputed to have been largely responsible for Hutschenreuther's success in the 1920s and 1930s. This well known figurine was made in several sizes, and has even been reproduced recently (in a lesser quality) by Rosenthal.

This early example is particularly finely modeled and decorated and is in very good to excellent condition.

4.25" wide, 3.75" deep, 8.5" high.


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