SOLD – Japanese Vintage 4 Panel Screen

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Japanese four panel screen with a nature scene on painted silk. It has a gold background with painted flowers and plants. It has a lighter gold trim and a lightweight black frame with metal accents. On the back is a mostly white with black design that has a lace like pattern. The screen folds up easily for transport and can open to various widths to stand freely or can be extended to full width to hang on a wall. There is a label on it that states "hand painted in Kyoto, Japan". Very good vintage condition with minor wear, there is a small puncture in the back which isn't too noticeable because of the pattern.

Fully extended it is 65.5" wide, .5" deep, 36.25" high. Folded for moving it is 16.75" wide, 3" deep, 36.25" high.

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