SOLD – Japanese Vintage 4 Panel Screen, Trees & Pagoda

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Japanese vintage four panel screen with trees and a pagoda; it is mostly in muted colors of brown, gold and olive green, with a pop of rich forest green on the treetops on the left. Also shown is a golden pagoda and smaller trees in gold, with textured paint on the subjects. It has silk borders, black frame with metal accents, and the back has an intricate design in black and white. This is not a full height screen but works well sitting on a piece of furniture, on the floor or as a wall hanging. Very good vintage condition, with one tear on the back that isn't too noticeable as the design is pretty busy.

When fully extended, it measures 70.5" long, .5" deep, 36" high. When used as a screen or room divider is obviously not as long, it may be angled more or less to become the appropriate length for your space. It folds up easily for transport and storage to 18" wide, 2" deep, 36" high.

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