SOLD – Mid Century Walnut 3 Bay Wall Unit

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Mid century modern three bay wall unit with five cabinets and two shelves. This 1950s set is very versatile and functional. It consists of four upright wood pieces that simply screw into the wall and from there, you can add the five cabinets, angled shelf and flat shelf anywhere. It can be set up as a 3 bay unit as shown in the pictures, or could also be set up as two single bay units. There is a desk with pull down door that becomes the writing surface, it also has an interior drawer. The two smaller cabinets on the right have wavy fronted sliding doors. There is one larger storage cabinet with cane double doors and a three drawer piece. One shelf is flat, the other is at an angle. The three storage cases are just open, with no interior shelving, there are no backs on any of the pieces. Each of the seven pieces can be interchanged and placed anywhere. There is a sticker from Interior Systems, a product of Northwest Chair Company, Tacoma, Washington. Good condition for age and use, there are several small nicks and scratches, especially on the edges.

Total width as shown is 97.5", the four upright pieces are 72" high. Each cabinet and shelf is 32" wide. The desk, the angled shelf and the two sliding door cabinets are 12" deep, the flat shelf is 8" deep, the larger cabinets are about 17" deep. The desk and sliding door cabinets are just under 17" high and the two larger pieces are 20" high.

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