Pair Vintage Conical Lamps with Drum Shades – $495

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Pair of mid-century modern salt and pepper conical ceramic lamps with gold metal bases and patterned drum shades. The cones are a brownish gray ceramic with specks that transition from white at the top to black at the bottom, with thin, vertical gold lines up the bodies.  The shades appear to be rawhide with swirls of black and gold, possibly original but we're not sure. Lamps feature three-way switches that offer bright, medium, and dim lighting, and one still has a sticker that reads "Artistic lamp Trilite Manufacturing Co Inc, New York, NY". Both are in good working condition. There are some chips and dents to the gold bases, the textured ceramic bodies are in very good condition, and the shades have a couple of stains and a few breaks in the strapping that holds them together and to the frames.

As shown with the shades, they are 8" in diameter and 32.5" high. Just the lamps are 6.5" in diameter at the bases, and 24.25" high to the top of the sockets. Just the shades are 8" in diameter and 12" high.

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