Torino of Italy Vintage Robot Lamp – $2250

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Mid century modern collectible robot lamp made in Italy by Torino. Turn the nose clockwise once to light the head and eyes, twice for only the hands, the third turn of the switch lights all, and the fourth click turns the lights off. This chrome space age lamp is sure to be a conversation statement piece and the arms swivel at the shoulder so it can strike several different poses. Torino Lamps sticker is on the back next to the cord. Lamp has a lot of patina, especially on the back and the round base. Uses standard base size light bulbs so you can choose the size of the head and hand bulbs. Lamp is in excellent working condition. Chrome shows wear and has lots of patina consistent with age and use.

17" wide with arms down at the side, including hand light bulbs, 11.25" wide with arms straight out. 11" deep, 30.5" high including bulb, 26.5" high without head light-bulb.

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